11 Christmas Dinner Ideas with Balsamic Vinegar

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Is Balsamic Vinegar one of those ingredients sitting on the counter you’ve typecast as a salad dressing?

Well, we’re here to challenge your perceptions of this pantry staple!

You’ll be pleased to know that vegetables aren’t the only dishes to grace your Christmas table with this luxurious vinegar.  Here are our favorite dinner ideas with balsamic vinegar!

Yummy Christmas Dinner Ideas Using Balsamic

Balsamic Roasted Veggie Recipes

Maple-Balsamic Roasted Winter Vegetables

Marie shares her maple-balsamic roasted winter vegetables recipe and describes the dish as a visually appealing addition to your holiday table.

Balsamic Roasted Vegetables

Kelsey and Shane share their take on roasted vegetables with a mix of balsamic and vinegar and Dijon mustard.

If you’re a make ahead type, the dressing can be prepared the day before to lighten the load on Christmas day.

Roasted Root Vegetables with Balsamic

Blair describes her roasted root vegetables recipe as great for a busy weeknight but “fancy” enough for holiday meals.

Roasts with Balsamic Dressing

Balsamic Roasted Beef

If you’re craving simplicity by way of few ingredients and don’t require waking up at 4 am to start cooking, Ina Garten’s Balsamic Roasted Beef is the way to go!

Grilled Rosemary Balsamic Flat Iron Steak

Des describes her grilled rosemary balsamic flat iron steak as a “show stopper dish.”  With a little pre-planning and time to marinate in the balsamic vinegar mixture, this is an easy, quick cooking steak.


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Balsamic Roasted Turkey Recipes

Turkey with Balsamic Sauce

Mayo Clinic shared their “lighter alternative to traditional turkey and gravy” with their recipe for turkey with balsamic sauce.

If you refuse to give up the Christmas turkey, this is a fantastic recipe to try out this year.

Herb and Balsamic Roast Turkey

Adrian's herb and balsamic roast turkey is described as “simple and straightforward” using lemon juice and balsamic vinegar.


Appetizers Using Balsamic Vinegar


Simple ingredients, festive colors and the perfect starter for your holiday spread!

All you need is crusty, toasted bread, tomatoes, Arlotta olive oil, Arlotta balsamic vinegar, fresh basil and your family's favorite cheese.

According to FactsLegend “Bruschetta originated in Central Italy in the 15th century…” and originally consisted of rubbing olive oil on bread as a way to sample the product.

Balsamic Bruschetta

Kathy’s balsamic bruschetta is a simple appetizer that requires little prep work to make a stunning appearance at the dinner table.  Still, give the ingredients time to allow the flavors to blend together.

Easiest Bruschetta Recipe

With a name like “easiest bruschetta recipe”, who wouldn’t be all over it?  The mixture can be made ahead of time to lighten the load on cooking day.


Ree Drummond’s bruschetta recipe includes yellow and red grape tomatoes to give a more festive appearance to your Christmas table.

Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Drizzle

Kristen had us at “balsamic drizzle!”  Your guests will enjoy these stunning and delicious caprese skewers using our thick, premium balsamic vinegar.

Cranberry Orange Balsamic Cranberry Sauce

Our classic balsamic cranberry sauce will wow your guests! Our recipe is quick and easy, prepped in 5 minutes and ready in 10, it's almost as easy as buying the canned stuff! Use our Cranberry Orange Balsamic Vinegar for the perfect blend of sweet and tangy!

Which of these Recipes Will Make it to Your Table this Christmas?

Are there any other recipes using balsamic vinegar that should have made the list?

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