About Us

Growing up, our family gatherings always centered around food. Delicious meals and traditional recipes stir our fondest memories of being together and sharing. Today, we create our own new twists on old recipes, seeking the finest ingredients worldwide.


We're excited to share our exclusive Olive Oils, made from cold-pressed, early harvested, organic California olives infused with only the finest fruits, seasonings and herbs.


Our Balsamic Vinegar is aged for over 25 years and made the same way since the Middle Ages.


Try our our best selling, delicious and versatile Aged Asiago and Parmesan Tapenade. Toss with pasta, spread on bread or dip with crackers. 


Savor all these wonderful flavors that will effortlessly transport you to a simpler time, when food was paramount and people took time and pride in what they cooked and ate. 


We invite you to create your own delicious memories.




The Arlotta Family
Arlotta Food Studio